Fear of Covid vaccine side effects drives vaccine hesitancy, a global public health issue. Only 18% of parents of children under 5 in the U.S. choose to vaccinate their children for Covid-19. Per Oxford University Press, myopericarditis is understood to arise from inadvertent intravascular embolic placement of the vaccine, a “Never Event” per U.S. Medicare.

The novel Acies Smart Needle by Acies Medical LLC luminesces on contact with blood both assuring the user of appropriate placement in a needle-based procedure and preventing myopericarditis. In doing so, it poised to reduce vaccine hesitancy, drive compliance and disrupt the over $100 Billion vaccine market.

Acies Medical LLC pitch presentation speech



Acies Medical LLC (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)


Dr. Daniel Sipple
Mark C. Gross

Problems to be solved:

Inadvertent, intravascular & embolic delivery of vaccines, associated myopericarditis and vaccine hesitancy. Vaccine induced myopericarditis, vaccine hesitancy.

Website: getacies.com

Source: World Business Angels Investment Forum 2022 (Antalya, Turkey)