Autonomous non-governmental organization for the development of medical technologies, diagnostics and digital healthcare “Smart Medicine” presents AR simulators for better routine practice and clinical experience. Through 3D visualization of patients, adverse effects and other symptoms, they provide evidence-based interactive testing/eLearning for surgeons, medical oncologists, anesthesia care teams, nurses, pathologists and other professionals, and deliver more insight on what may happen to a patient, how and why.

The Patient-Centered Care augmented reality simulator is for healthcare workers and medical oncologists to see in a speed run mode the whole spectrum of side effects caused by all known types of cancer therapies to predict the worst scenarios and control them.

Combination of clinical knowledge and AR technologies ensures more inclusive learning experience than traditional charts & checkbox tests, and humanize learning-from-mistakes approach. The app can be used in many professional activities, from learning events to reaching new analytical insights for clinical studies.

The project is scalable: it may host as many clinical scenarios, ways of treatment and interactive pop-up tips & notes as required, be this either for short testing or advanced stand-alone learning modules.

Smart Medicine NGO pitch presentation speech



Smart Medicine NGO (Moscow, Russia)


Katerina Yarova
Nina Umanskaya

Problems to be solved:

The Patient-Centered Care AR-powered mobile app helps to identify, forecast and prevent long-term side effects of anticancer treatment for better care of patients.


Source: World Business Angels Investment Forum 2022 (Antalya, Turkey)