33 medical training events with Eisai, best hematology practices shared with Russian specialists, and Russian healthcare workers showcasing at conferences abroad – the key 2022 events we are proud to present.

Asia’s leading medical online Ed-tech platform tailored courses for each exam category, with the best knowledge and practices that increase the chances of clearing exams in the initial attempt to 90%. Learn more in pitch deck speech.

The number of people aged above 65 that will need (long-term) health care will increase substantially in the EU over the next few years and this puts direct pressure on their families as well as the health care system. Learn more in pitch deck speech.

New virtual training app offers interactive 3D models of people, their organs, tissues and lesions to show what happens to a patient’s body during cancer treatment and how long-term side effects develop unnoticed. Learn more in pitch deck speech.

Fear of Covid vaccine side effects drives vaccine hesitancy, a global public health issue. The Acies Smart Needle luminesces on contact with blood both assuring the user of appropriate placement in a needle-based procedure and preventing myopericarditis. Learn more in pitch deck speech

People living in rural areas and far from healthcare centers are largely people poor and in need of medical services. The new software solution help patients consult remotely with doctors using mobile and wearable devices. Learn more in pitch deck speech.

One in every four individuals, or around 2.5 billion people, across the world will experience mild-to-profound hearing loss by 2050. Watch a pitch deck speech to learn how deaf & hard of hearing population may enjoy business communications today.

The Smart Medicine team has been selected in a contest to present its MVP of AR-simulation mobile app for oncologists at WBAF 2022, an affiliated partner of G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. After the pitch deck session, the project entered the Top 20 promising startups.

The world-famous training center of the Institute for Research into Cancer of the Digestive System (IRCAD) has confirmed the status of the only official representative in Russia and the CIS countries for Smart Medicine NGO.