In October 2022, the Smart Medicine team presented its own startup project for better anticancer treatment – the “Patient Centered Care” augmented reality simulator – to international investors and partners of the World Business Angels Investment Forum at the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Convention Center, Antalya.

WBAF is an affiliate partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) and a platform for global collaboration to expand the world's economic development opportunities and innovative financial instruments for small and medium-sized businesses, innovators and start-ups.

This year, the Forum has teamed up with the INVESTORO International Organization of Investors in order to attract the best startups from the CIS countries to pitch sessions and master classes of the Global Fundraising Stage 2022 (GFRS) on October 25-26, 2022 in Antalya.

Our booth at the Global Fundraising Stage

The team leveraged a great chance to discuss the pitch deck with the mentors, who founded unicorn companies, and tell them about our expertise in training events for oncologists and other medical specialists, in business trips for healthcare workers, and in making mobile applications for doctors and patients.

We also discussed possible partnerships with the like-minded projects, Silver technologies from Croatia and MedExam Expert from Pakistan. They have been successfully attracting investments for several years and now are actively looking for the new markets. Our projects appeared in the “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR POST-PANDEMIC ECONOMIES” magazine by Global Fundraising Stage 2022 and after the pitch deck session entered the Top 20 promising startups.

Smart Medicine Team pitching at Global Fundraising Stage

Few days later, the CEO and co-founder of Smart Medicine Katerina Yarova received an offer to launch her own course as a faculty member of the WBAF Business School for medium and small businesses, innovators and start-ups.

A tutoring offer by WBAF

About «Patient Centered Care» AR-simulator

Our AR-simulator/virtual trainer for medical oncologists (chemotherapists) and related healthcare professionals is the mobile app available on Android and iOS devices. It offers a set of scenarios with different levels of complexity. Within each scenario, the doctor decides on the choices of anticancer treatment and instantly receives a 3D visualization of this choice: changes in key organs and tissues of a patient’s body are accompanied by patient's complaining on his/her new physical well-being voiced by actors.

This simulator is useful both for aspiring oncologists (students, postgraduates) and for more experienced specialists.

It is not always that doctors immediately encounter the whole spectrum of adverse events of anticancer therapies, because many of them are delayed or develop latently. It is difficult for even an experienced doctor to keep in mind all the symptoms.

In a mobile game mode, our simulator makes it possible for a doctor to:

  • pass through all key points of the patient's AR model in a short time
  • literally see what happens to the organs of a virtual patient during chemotherapy, immunotherapy
  • interact with a virtual patient and learn what they really feel
  • pass tests on how to detect, prevent and correct adverse events
  • get tips based on gold standard clinical guidelines
  • make a mistake with causing no harm to a real patient and/or take the tests again.

Why AR (Augmented Reality)?

Unlike lectures with plenty of graphs and data, and standard check-up self-tests, our AR simulator provides doctors with gamification capabilities and transparent 3D objects.

  • This boosts involvement and motivation, allows you to more efficiently absorb the material.
  • And recreates the real-life working experience of patient-centered communication.

No special devices are needed, a mobile phone or tablet is enough. When in the office or at home, the doctor is able to invoke a virtual patient, to interact with them and to observe changes in the organs and symptoms/indicators of deterioration or improvement in patient’s well-being, depending on the chosen strategy.


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